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  • High precision honing accessories, BL4 Mandrel Replacement Parts, Truing sleeve,

  • Paglalarawan ng produkto
  • We provide a complete set of accessories for the honing mandrel, including truing sleeve, alignment bushing, stone, wedge, stone retainer, wedge guide.....

    All models are suitable for Sunnen types.

We have S-100, 102, 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114.........

Basis on mandrels model production.

Honing is mainly used for hole machining. In the hole honing process, it is guided by the original machining hole center. The range of machining aperture is 5 ~ 500, and the depth ratio can reach 10. Honing is widely used for machining cylinder holes, cylinder barrels, valve holes and various kinds of guns in large quantities. It can also be used in small batch production. The coaxial degree cannot be determined when honing. Compared with honing and grinding, honing has the characteristics of reducing manual labor, high productivity, and easy to realize automation.

Our truing sleeve are suitable for all Sunnen honing mandrels such as K, L, BL, AK, ..... Serise.

  • Seamless coordination

S-120 for BL4-120CH

S-125 for BL4-125CH

S-130 for BL4-130CH

S-135 for BL4-135CH

S-140 for BL4-140CH

S-145 for BL4-145CH

  • High suitability

  • Mababang gastos

  • Short delivery time

Precision Honing Supplies, according to customer requirements and processing conditions, we provide professional honing products and solutions. We strive to be a gold supplier in honing.

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