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  • Honing Truing Sleeve, precision honing part, Honing mandrel spare part, sunnen truing sleeve

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  • We provide a complete set of accessories for the honing mandrel, including truing sleeve, alignment bushing, stone, wedge, stone retainer, wedge guide.....

    All models are suitable for Sunnen types.

Suitable for machining parts of various sizes, such as hydraulic valves, engine cylinders and other perforated products through-holes and blind holes.

1. Characteristics of honing process.

(1) Honing is an efficient machining method which can achieve high precision, high surface quality and high life span. It can effectively improve the precision of dimension, shape precision and reduce Ra value, but can not improve the position accuracy of hole and other surface.

(2) Machinable cast iron parts, hardened and hardened steel parts and bronze pieces, etc., but not suitable for non-ferrous metal parts with large toughness.,

All kinds of honing mandrels, from K, L, BL, AK, ..... Serise mandrel

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Precision Honing Supplies, according to customer requirements and processing conditions, we provide professional honing products and solutions. We strive to be a gold supplier in honing.

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